Proposition 1 Would Bring Discrimination Back to Anchorage

Anchorage’s non-discrimination law ensures fair and equal treatment for everyone. But now, a vocal minority is singling out our transgender neighbors, family and friends by forcing a discriminatory initiative—Proposition 1—on the April 2018 ballot. Discrimination isn’t who we are in Anchorage. That’s why the people of our municipality are standing together to vote no against this discriminatory initiative that goes against our Alaskan values.


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and I will vote No on Prop 1 to defend Anchorage's laws protecting transgender people from discrimination.

Proposition 1: Dangerous, unnecessary and unenforceable

Prop 1 is a ballot proposition you will see in Anchorage’s municipal election on April 3rd. It is an effort by Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery to repeal portions of Anchorage’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance pertaining to transgender people and change how a person’s sex is viewed for every municipal policy, procedure, and facility.

Does not improve public safety

Existing Anchorage law already makes it illegal to enter a restroom to harm or harass someone

Invitation to harass

Proposition 1 allows strangers to demand to check a person’s “sex at birth” before allowing access to certain restrooms and public facilities

Unethical & discriminatory

Proposition 1 would change Anchorage municipal code to eliminate any and all protections for transgender people.


Proposition 1 provides no provisions for enforcement

Harmful to children

Under Proposition 1, Anchorage public schools would be required to discriminate against transgender students.

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VICTORY: Anchorage Voters Defeat Proposition 1!

VICTORY: Anchorage Voters Defeat Proposition 1!

Anchorage voters have defeated Proposition 1—the dangerous initiative that sought to repeal basic protections for our transgender neighbors, family and friends under municipal law. With 76K+ votes in, our NO campaign is leading by 52.7%, with only 47.3% voting Yes. So while the municipality will not certify the election results
Election Night Results: We are hopeful

Election Night Results: We are hopeful

With only partial results available, Anchorage municipal officials tonight announced that they have counted 49,806 ballots and that the Proposition 1 election is too close to call. An unknown number of ballots are expected to arrive via the mail in the coming days. The partial results show that 53.9% of people have
Today is Election Day in Anchorage. Here's How to Vote No on Prop 1:

Today is Election Day in Anchorage. Here’s How to Vote No on Prop 1:

It's Election Day in Anchorage—the day voters decide the fate of Proposition 1. If passed, Proposition1 would repeal the basic protections under municipal law that have kept our transgender neighbors and friends safe for the last two years. A broad coalition has joined together to oppose this initiative—including transgender people,

Anchorage Residents Say NO on Prop 1

Transgender people are our neighbors, family and friends—but Proposition 1 would repeal Anchorage’s non-discrimination law protecting them from discrimination. Hear from Anchorage residents about why they’ll vote NO on Proposition 1.

"The Law Makes Me Feel Safer — We Must Vote No on Prop 1"

“The Law Makes Me Feel Safer — We Must Vote No on Prop 1”

EDITOR'S NOTE: This piece was written by Andrea Redeker, a transgender woman and a resident of Anchorage. As a transgender
Anchorage Mother: Proposition 1 Puts My Family in Danger

Anchorage Mother: Proposition 1 Puts My Family in Danger

Cathy Gillis grew up in the "Last Frontier State" - Alaska.  She fondly remembers many adventures of flying into bush

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