NEW AD: Anchorage Safety Advocate Dispels Myths Behind Proposition 1

By March 13, 2018Blog Post

Today, our campaign’s latest television ad hits the airwaves featuring Keeley Olson, the executive director of Standing Up Against Rape (STAR), the leading organization in Anchorage working to prevent sexual violence.

Founded in 1976, STAR is a 24-hour crisis intervention agency that offers intervention, education, and advocacy services to victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse, as well as their families and communities.

While sexual violence is indeed an issue in Anchorage, Keeley debunks the fear-mongering behind Proposition 1 to state clearly: “Ensuring dignity for transgender people is not a threat to public safety.”

Just one day after backers of Prop 1 launched a shameful ad filled with lies about who transgender people are, Olson makes clear that the  myths perpetrated by our opposition is simply untrue. In the two years since Anchorage has ensured basic protections for transgender people, there has been zero uptick in public safety incidents.

The same is true in the 200+ other cities and 18 states with similar laws: We can protect transgender people without putting women and children at risk. Despite what our opponents claim, Proposition 1 isn’t about protecting public safety—it’s about singling out our transgender neighbors, family and friends for discrimination.

Keeley’s ad joins our first paid television ad currently in rotation, which features David Lockard and his transgender son, Col. In their ad, both David and Col speak about the importance of nondiscrimination protections, and how Prop 1 would harm Col and every transgender person who calls Anchorage home.

Watch Keeley’s ad, share it on social media, and then be sure to keep an eye out for your ballot, which is now in the mail and should be received by this Thursday, March 15th!. Visit our Election Center to learn everything about the upcoming vote-by-mail election.