Alaska Democratic Party Officially Opposes Proposition 1

By January 23, 2018Blog Post

The Alaska Democratic Party at their State Central Committee meeting held on Saturday, January 20th in Juneau officially came out in opposition to Proposition 1 with the passage of an official resolution.

The resolution states in part:

“…transgender people are part of our families, workplaces, our neighborhoods, and our places
of worship; to live and work safely in the municipality of Anchorage, transgender people need to be able to use public accommodations, such as restrooms, just like everyone else, without fear of harassment or discrimination.”

Proposition 1 would eliminate portions of the city’s current non-discrimination ordinance that protect transgender people from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. Additionally, it would allow strangers to demand to check a person’s “sex at birth” before allowing access to certain restrooms and public spaces. In recent statements, Anchorage Chief of Police Justin Doll has said that Proposition 1 would be virtually impossible to enforce.

Opposition to Prop 1 is also a non-partisan issue; mayoral candidate Rebecca Logan, a registered Republican, is endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party, and has also publicly stated she does not support the proposition.

We thank the state’s Democratic Party for their important and influential endorsement that clearly states the case for voting No on Prop 1. Our campaign is continuing to mobilize Anchorage voters to vote No on Prop 1 this April. Click here to learn more about the implications of Prop 1, then view our upcoming opportunities to help spread the word here.