Anchorage Chief Justin Doll: Not Sure How We Would Enforce Prop 1

By January 17, 2018Blog Post

Fair Anchorage, the campaign to defend our city’s non-discrimination law, released a new ad this week featuring Anchorage Chief of Police Justin Doll clearly stating that the passage of Proposition 1 would cause difficult questions to arise concerning how exactly to enforce the rule.

Proposition 1 would require anyone in  Anchorage to provide a birth certificate when using municipal restrooms. The question of authority to enforce the rule would lead to self-appointed “restroom cops” using a voter-approved initiative to intimidate and harass Anchorage residents in restrooms. .

Doll states in the video:

“I honestly don’t know exactly how we would enforce something like that…that would be something that would be extraordinarily difficult for us to deal with.”

In short, the Anchorage Police Department agrees: There is simply no reasonable way Proposition 1 could be enforced

The fact is: It’s already illegal in Anchorage to enter a restroom to harm or harass someone. And there has been no uptick in public safety concerns since the passage of Anchorage’s non-discrimination law. Backers of Proposition 1 claim this is a public safety issue — but in reality,  they are using this as a guise to erase protections for transgender people. Already, 18 states and over 200 cities have passed or defended such protections, and none of them have resulted in any public safety concerns.

Fair Anchorage thanks Chief Doll for his honest assessment and response to questions of enforcement, and the unfair burden it would be for Anchorage law enforcement.

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