Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) Officially Opposes Prop 1

By February 28, 2018Blog Post

This week, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) officially announced its opposition to Prop 1, joining an already impressive business coalition that is working with our No on Prop 1 campaign to defend basic protections for transgender people at the ballot this April.

A letter from the President of the AEDC and the chair of the corporation’s Board of Directors stated in part:

“Discrimination is not a part of Anchorage’s community spirit, and it is not how we do business. We need to be doing what we can to attract new businesses to our community, not scare them away with discriminatory legislation that does not represent who we are: a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming city for all people.”

The letter also references the economic difficulties that could befall Anchorage if Prop 1 is passed, similar to those faced by North Carolina after passage of the now-infamous HB 2, which discriminated against transgender people in public accommodations.  

“AEDC believes this initiative would inflict unnecessary discrimination on members of the community, and that it solves no evident problem that has been created by the original passage of the anti-discrimination ordinance. Moreover, this ordinance would have significant negative economic impacts on our city, the largest economy in the state.”

Earlier in February, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce announced their formal opposition to Prop 1, saying, “The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce believes that passing Proposition 1 would be detrimental to business in the city.”

Fair Anchorage is working with coalitions including businesses, faith leaders, and safety advocates in order to speak with voters about the need to protect transgender people in Anchorage by voting no on Proposition 1.

The deadline for voter registration is Saturday, March 3. For the first time ever, Anchorage residents will be voting in a municipal election by mail. Ballots will be sent March 13, and must be postmarked or in ballot drop boxes by April 3. Visit our Election Center to learn everything about the upcoming vote, and learn how to volunteer by clicking here.