Anchorage Police Chief: “We’re Not Concerned” About Any Need For Proposition 1

By January 4, 2018Blog Post

Today, our campaign to keep non-discrimination on the books in Anchorage released a new ad featuring Anchorage Chief of Police Justin Doll who clearly states that protections for transgender people have resulted in no uptick in public safety incidents, and any need to change the status quo by passing Proposition 1 is a non-issue.

Chief Doll gave his featured response after an Anchorage Assembly member asked about increases in public safety concerns. In the ad, Doll is quoted as saying, “It’s not something we’re really concerned about. There are other crimes [to focus on] like violent street crime, particularly property crime, and this is not something that’s on our horizon.”

Chief Doll knows what we’ve been aware of all along — that protections for LGBTQ people in the law have no effect on public safety. Over 18 states and 200 cities have passed or protected such legislation, and in every instance, there has not been an increase in public safety incidents.

The fact is: It’s already illegal in Anchorage to enter a restroom to harm or harass someone. And there has been no uptick in public safety concerns since the passage of Anchorage’s non-discrimination law. Backers of Proposition 1 claim this is a public safety issue — but the truth is, they are using this as a guise to erase protections for transgender people.

Furthermore, the passage of Proposition 1 would create no authority for police to enforce it. This would lead to self-appointed “restroom cops” using a voter approved initiative to harass anyone they feel looks suspect. This would also take time and attention away from real safety issues that Chief Doll speaks of in the video — violent street crime and property crime among them

Fair Anchorage thanks Chief Doll for his honest public assessment and response to questions about Prop 1, and the unfair burden and distraction it would be for Anchorage law enforcement. Join us in voting No on Prop 1 on April 3. Sign our pledge here, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!