Election Night Results: We are hopeful

By April 3, 2018Blog Post

With only partial results available, Anchorage municipal officials tonight announced that they have counted 49,806 ballots and that the Proposition 1 election is too close to call. An unknown number of ballots are expected to arrive via the mail in the coming days.

The partial results show that 53.9% of people have voted “No” on Proposition 1 and 46.1% have voted “Yes.” If passed, Prop 1 would remove nondiscrimination protections from Anchorage’s city ordinances.

“As this election comes to a close and the final votes are counted, I hope Anchorage residents are proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” said Kati Ward, campaign manager of Fair Anchorage. “Together, we built one of the most incredible, diverse coalitions that Anchorage has ever seen — with parents and families standing alongside faith leaders, safety advocates, educators and iconic local businesses — united behind the belief that Anchorage is stronger when our laws protect transgender people from discrimination.

“Nothing is final until the last ballot is counted — but based on the current numbers, we are hopeful that a majority of Anchorage voters will reject this divisive measure to roll back basic protections for our transgender neighbors and friends. Our team will continue working to ensure every vote is counted and that the voice of every single Anchorage voter is heard in this historic election, because the stakes are too high for anything less.”

This year marks the first time that Anchorage has implemented a 100 percent vote-by-mail system. Voters must have their ballots postmarked by April 3, or drop off their ballots in one of several dropboxes around the city by 8 p.m. Following Election Day, Anchorage municipal officials have 10 days to continue counting ballots postmarked by April 3 and to certify the election results.