Fair Anchorage Financial Report Shows Strong Grassroots Support for No on Prop 1

By February 20, 2018Blog Post

Late last week, our campaign to defend Anchorage’s non-discrimination law and defeat Proposition 1, announced incredible progress and support with the release of our latest financial disclosure.

So far in our efforts, we have raised more than $124,000 in our goal to prevent the repeal of non-discrimination protections for the transgender citizens of Anchorage. Additionally, we have received $291,000 from in-kind contributions between July of 2017 and February 1 of this year, while expenditures have been around $54,000, keeping No on Prop 1 solidly in the black

“We are proud of the strong grassroots support for the No on Prop 1 campaign,” said Kati Ward, campaign manager for Fair Anchorage. “Alaskans have rallied to support their transgender friends, family members, and neighbors. Along with partner organizations, they are sending a clear message that Anchorage is a welcoming community and that no one should face discrimination because of who they are.”

Additional statistics show that 69% of donations are from individuals, with 92% of those being from Alaskans. Furthermore, our campaign reported close to $71,000 cash on hand.

The report shows clearly that non-discrimination is a value close to Alaskans’ heart, and that they believe no one should be turned away from a place of business or be denied housing or employment simply for being who they are. Together, we’re building a homegrown, grassroots campaign to defend the dignity of every transgender person who calls Anchorage home.

To view the report in detail, click here.