First No on Prop 1 Television Ad Hits the Air in Anchorage!

By March 2, 2018Blog Post

Fair Anchorage, our campaign working to defeat Prop 1, released an our first television ad today featuring David Lockard and his transgender teenage son, Col.

“Like most parents, I care deeply about my family,” David Lockard says in the ad. “That includes taking care of our transgender son, Col. … We want him to be safe just like everyone else.”

Col also talks about his fears if Prop 1 is approved by voters: “I’m scared that if Proposition 1 passes, I would be bullied and harassed.”

We are confident that as people see this ad in the coming days, they will arrive at the same conclusion we already have — that Prop 1 isn’t how we treat people in Anchorage, and that our friends and neighbors like Col deserve equal protections under the law.

David and Col join an already impressive chorus of voices speaking out against Prop 1, including Anchorage Chief of Police Justin Doll, Anchorage faith leaders, and women of Anchorage; view those ads and others by clicking here.

“Prop 1 doesn’t make Anchorage safer. There are already laws against going into a bathroom to hurt someone or do them harm. Instead, it puts young people like Col at risk,” said Kati Ward, our campaign manager.. “We need to make sure everyone knows – and particularly kids – that they are welcome and safe in Anchorage.”

For the first time ever, the residents of Anchorage will be voting by mail in the upcoming municipal election, This Saturday, March 3, is the deadline to register to vote. Ballots will be sent to voters starting March 13, and are due postmarked or placed in ballot drop-off boxes by April 3. Visit our Election Center to learn all the details about how to vote and more.