Hundreds Turn Out to Hear Transgender Rights Icon Mara Keisling & Local Panelists Speak Against Prop 1

By August 31, 2017Blog Post

On Tuesday, transgender rights icon Mara Keisling visited Anchorage to share her wisdom and guidance for defeating Proposition 1, the harmful anti-transgender initiative that will appear on the 2018 municipal election ballot.

Hundreds of local residents turned out to hear Mara and other local panelists speak, and the No On Prop 1 campaign more than doubled our donor base thanks to commitments from last night’s attendees. The campaign now has 52 total monthly donors who have pledged a total of $11,844 between now and April

Ultimately, the event’s success is a credit to the Fair Anchorage Community Advisory Council, which is made up of local transgender residents who are leading the charge against Proposition 1. Our No On Prop 1 campaign is and will always be led by transgender people, a fact that we’re incredibly proud of.

Community members who would also like to contribute to the success of our campaign can make a donation and sign the pledge to vote against Proposition 1 next year.

Video from the event will also be up on our Facebook page, if you weren’t able to make it on Tuesday.

Mara—who has headed the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) since 2003—also discussed findings from the NCTE’s U.S. Transgender Survey. The study, released last year, drills down on the pervasive level of discrimination faced by transgender people in all 50 states, including Alaska.

Some of the study’s most shocking findings include the number of transgender Alaskans who have been evicted or denied housing (32%), mistreated in the workplace (25%) and even fired (14%) because of their gender identity. You can view the full study on our website.