Incumbent Mayor and Challenger Both Agree: Proposition 1 is No Good For Anchorage

By January 25, 2018Blog Post

Both the incumbent Mayor of Anchorage, Democrat Ethan Berkowitz, and his Republican challenger, Rebecca Logan, have both publicly gone on record as opposing Proposition 1, the ballot initiative on the April 3rd ballot that would  to repeal Anchorage’s existing non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends and neighbors.

Logan, who already has the endorsement of Alaska’s Republican Party, confirmed last week that she opposes Proposition 1, saying that public policies should be crafted through discussion rather than ballot initiatives.

Berkowitz, seeking his second term, said in a statement released in 2017 when Proposition 1 qualified for the ballot:

“I oppose this now certified initiative petition. It is divisive and distracting at a time when we should be united and focused on the issues that impact Anchorage every day – making sure we have good jobs and a growing economy, that our neighborhoods are safe, and we continue to reduce the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in our community.”

Berkowitz has also said that Prop 1 is, “based on stereotyping and unfounded fear.”The stances of both candidates make it clear — opposing discrimination is not a partisan value, it is an Alaskan value. Anchorage has many issues to focus on, and trying to enforce a ballot measure that would require the checking of a birth certificate to use a bathroom is far from the most important pressing issue in our city as made clear by both candidates as well as local law enforcement like Anchorage Chief of Police Justin Doll, who has recently questioned how such an initiative would be enforced.

Anchorage’s current non-discrimination protections have been on the books for two years, and even though our opposition claims Prop 1 to be a public safety issue, in that time there has been no uptick in public safety incidents.

If there’s one thing Alaskans on both sides of the political aisle can agree on, it’s this: Everyone should be treated fairly and equally under the law. Fair Anchorage thanks both Mayor Berkowitz and candidate Logan for their public opposition to Prop 1.

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