NEW AD: Alaska Natives Urge a No Vote on Proposition 1

By March 23, 2018Blog Post

In a new ad released today by Fair Anchorage, the campaign to defend protections for transgender people that have been in effect since 2015, Alaska Natives speak out against Proposition 1, urging a no vote, and reminding us that discrimination is not an Alaska value.

The ad features members of the Alaska Native community, who speak themselves about the pride they take in their heritage—and also their very real experiences of being singled out for discrimination. Although our opposition has tried to frame Proposition 1 as a safety issue, one of the subjects in our ad offers the following, a message that has been at the center of our campaign since day one: “Equal treatment under the law is a right every Alaskan should enjoy.”

This group of voices joins an already mighty chorus in speaking out against LGBTQ discrimination. Previously, women of Anchorage, faith leaders, and safety advocates have all spoken out against the harmful ballot measure.

Throughout our campaign, we have been building coalitions of diverse groups in order to help convince voters that Prop 1 is dangerous, and would have a devastating effect on Anchorage’s transgender community.

Advocates like Keeley Olsen, executive director of Standing Up Against Rape (STAR) have made the case that Prop 1 is not a safety issue, and that since the law went into effect in 2015, there has been no uptick in public safety incidents.

Children’s groups like Alaska Family Trust have also said that the negative messaging being disseminated by our opponents is ultimately harmful to children. Additionally, Dr. Deena Bishop, superintendent of Anchorage Public Schools, and the Anchorage Education Association have both gone on record as vehemently against Prop 1 due to the negative effects it would have on students.

Businesses have also made the case that passing Prop 1 would have a negative impact on Anchorage’s large tourism economy, and make it difficult to attract and retain new business. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation have both openly opposed the measure.

Ballots for the municipal elections were mailed out March 13 and must be postmarked before April 3, or returned to an official ballot box by 8:00 pm that evening. Visit our Election Center for details, and to find a ballot box near you!