President Trump makes it official: Transgender troops banned from the military

By August 26, 2017Blog Post

President Trump just told the Pentagon to make it official: Transgender Americans are now barred from serving in the US military.

This news underscores a terrifying reality of our present day—now more than ever, every single protection we’ve ever secured for transgender people is under threat. From the White House, to the Pentagon, to right here in Anchorage.

Proposition 1 would impose this same type of discrimination in Anchorage by completely eliminating any and all protections for transgender people under municipal law.

With attacks on transgender rights intensifying like never before, we HAVE to put a stop to it by defeating Proposition 1 in Anchorage. Fight back by making a $5 donation to stopping Prop 1 and keeping discrimination out of our city.

Make no mistake: It’s no coincidence that President Trump’s ban on transgender troops and Anchorage’s Proposition 1 are surfacing at the same time. Both are a part of a nationally orchestrated, cruel agenda aimed at rolling back any semblance of protection and dignity for transgender people across the country.

The shameful military ban is no doubt empowering anti-LGBT extremists today—who have already identified Anchorage as their next target in their national strategy to wipe away non-discrimination protections for transgender people.

Anchorage will soon be ground zero for the fight for transgender equality, and when voters decide on Proposition 1 on April 3rd, it’s up to us to hand anti-LGBT extremists the stunning defeat they deserve.