Pride Foundation Doubling All Donations to Defeat Proposition 1 in Anchorage

By September 25, 2017Blog Post
In cities and states across the country, anti-transgender ballot measures like Proposition 1 have never once been defeated. Every single time, opponents of equality have set their eyes on repealing protections for transgender people—and they’ve succeeded.
It’s up to us to buck this terrible trend. To stop anti-LGBT extremists in their tracks. And most importantly: To uphold Anchorage’s non-discrimination laws protecting our transgender residents from discrimination.
Until Thursday at midnight, the Pride Foundation will double every single donation—up to $5,000—made to our No on Prop 1 campaign. Rush your donation of $5 or more now and let’s stop Prop 1 together.
Right now, our campaign is at the crux of some really critical decisions: How many staff can we hire? What can we devote to growing our volunteer team? Can we develop paid advertisements to make the case to voters against Proposition 1?
Each of these decisions boils down to one thing: Resources. That’s why this huge matching gift from the Pride Foundation couldn’t come at a more crucial time for our work to stop Proposition 1.
If we can hit our $5K goal—and unlock the $5K match—by Thursday at midnight, we’ll be well on our way to defeating Proposition 1 in April. And if not? Our path to defending Anchorage’s non-discrimination law, which is already difficult, becomes that much harder.