Three Anchorage Teachers Explain Why They’re Voting No on Prop 1

By March 28, 2018Blog Post

Next Tuesday, we will find out the results of our campaign to defeat Prop 1, which would eliminate  basic protections for our transgender friends, family, and neighbors under Anchorage law.

Ahead of the vote, the Anchorage Education Association, representing more than 3,000 teachers across the city, voiced opposition the ballot measure. In a statement, the group offered:

“The members of the Anchorage Education Association are proud to stand with business and community groups in saying ‘No’ to Proposition 1. Anchorage’s non-discrimination ordinance protects everyone, but it’s particularly important for students we serve every day,” said Tom Klaameyer, President of the Anchorage Education Association. “Our educators will always stand up for students and make sure that they are safe and respected in all Anchorage schools.”

Adding their voices to the campaign are three teachers in Anchorage, all who feel that transgender people are entitled to dignity and respect, and how they believe taking away the existing protections would negatively impact their students.

“I’m voting No on Prop 1 because I want our schools to remain safe, inclusive and welcoming for ALL students.” — Sara Dykstra

“As educators, we encourage all our students to be their true selves and we celebrate their uniqueness and diversity. Shouldn’t our students who are transgender be included in that? Proposition 1 would require schools to discriminate against students who are transgender and Anchorage students deserve far better than that!” — Shauna Booton

“As a teacher in Anchorage, I believe that my students have a right to feel safe not just here at school but also in our community. I am voting No on Prop 1 because I respect my trans students and community members rights to privacy and safety. No one should ever force you to prove anything when you are engaging in a basic need like going to the bathroom. Prop 1 doesn’t represent the values of our community or our state.” — Michaela Hernandez

Election Day is this coming Tuesday, April 3. Ballots must be postmarked before then, or placed in an official ballot drop box before 8:00 pm that day. To learn more, visit our Election Center.