Today is Election Day in Anchorage. Here’s How to Vote No on Prop 1:

By April 3, 2018Blog Post

It’s Election Day in Anchorage—the day voters decide the fate of Proposition 1.

If passed, Proposition1 would repeal the basic protections under municipal law that have kept our transgender neighbors and friends safe for the last two years.

A broad coalition has joined together to oppose this initiative—including transgender people, parents, 40+ faith leaders, 50+ businesses, educators, safety advocates and 110+ bipartisan Anchorage leaders. Proposition 1 is discriminatory, unnecessary and unenforceable. And today, we’re hopeful that Anchorage voters will reject it to uphold our existing non-discrimination law.

Because Anchorage’s Municipal Election is 100% vote-by-mail, there are not polling locations like past elections.

All ballots must be postmarked by today or returned by 8pm to one of 12 ballot return boxes across Anchorage: 

  • Anchorage School District Education Center, 5530 East Northern Lights Boulevard
  • Bartlett High School, 1101 Golden Bear Drive
  • Clark Middle School, 150 Bragaw Street
  • Dimond High School, 2909 West 88th Avenue
  • Fairview Community Recreation Center, 1121 East 10th Avenue
  • Loussac Library, 3600 Denali Street
  • Service High School, 5577 Abbott Road
  • Spenard Community Recreation Center, 2020 West 48th Avenue
  • UAA Alaska Airlines Center, 3550 Providence Drive
  • Eagle River Town Center, 12001 Business Boulevard
  • Girdwood Community Center, 250 Egloff Drive
  • South Anchorage High School, 13400 Elmore Road

The fate of non-discrimination protections for transgender youth like Col hang in the balance as the ballots come in today. Let’s affirm that discrimination has no place in Anchorage—and that every Alaskan should be afforded the same privacy and dignity under the law: