Yes on Prop 1 Campaign Deceives Voters for the Second Time in a Week

By March 22, 2018Blog Post

The Yes on Prop 1 Campaign has found itself in hot water for the second time in a week, after it was discovered a new ad highlighting an incident at an Anchorage homeless shelter used the image of the shelter without permission.

Charlee Lauree, a spokesperson for Downtown Hope Shelter said in an article featured on Into, “What Jim Minnery and Prop 1 did, they did without talking to us,” Lauree says.

Kevin Clarkson, an attorney for the Downtown Hope Center, previously told the Anchorage Daily News that a transgender woman came to the shelter after it was closed, which is part of the reason she was not admitted. The shelter has since clarified that it follows Anchorage municipal code and has housed transgender women in the past. Alaska Family Action conceded on Facebook on March 8th, “This complaint will likely be dismissed based on what actually transpired.”

Our campaign manager Kati Ward, No on Prop 1 responded in a statement:

“Proponents of Prop 1 are using their new ad to take advantage of a vulnerable transgender woman seeking refuge at a homeless shelter during a difficult time. Anchorage’s leading safety advocates agree our nondiscrimination law has led to no rise in public safety concerns. No one was hurt in this incident, and a complaint was filed and is being processed, meaning the law is working exactly as it should. Exploiting a homeless shelter and a transgender woman without their permission in an attempt to deceive voters is cruel. Anchorage voters value dignity and fairness for everyone, including transgender people, and won’t be fooled by these misleading tactics.”

This is the second time an ad from Yes on Prop 1 has come under fire for being deceptive. Just last week, an ad featuring a supposed Alaskan woman named “Kate” was found out to instead feature an actress living in the Lower 48. This means to date, our opposition has yet to find any Alaskans willing to comment on the record in an ad in favor of Prop 1.

Conversely, all of Fair Anchorage’s ads have featured Anchorage locals, including faith leaders, women, and families. Visit our videos page to view all of our ads.

No On Prop 1 has featured the voices of leading safety advocates including Alaska Children’s Trust, Mike Stumbaugh, President of Anchorage Firefighters Local Union 1264, and executive director of Standing Up Against Rape, Keeley Olson, all with the same message — that the protections for transgender people in Anchorage, in place since 2015, have not resulted in any uptick in public safety incidents, as is the case in the over 200 cities and 18 states with similar protections.

In addition, the No on Prop 1 campaign has been endorsed by entities including the Anchorage Education Association, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, as well as dozens of businesses and faith leaders.

Anchorage voters have just over one week to turn in their ballots by mail for the municipal election. Ballots must be postmarked before April 3, or placed in an official ballot dropbox by 8:00 pm that evening. Visit our Election Center to learn more, and to find a ballot box near you.