Anchorage Businesses Against Prop 1

Anchorage businesses believe that our local economy is more vibrant and competitive when all Anchorage visitors and residents, including transgender people, know that they’ll be treated fairly. But Proposition 1 would bring discrimination back to Anchorage by repealing our city’s non-discrimination laws ensuring fair and equal treatment for our transgender neighbors, family and friends. That’s why Anchorage businesses are signing on to the Fair Anchorage coalition. They’re committed to working against this discriminatory measure—and voting to keep Anchorage fair!

Join them! Commit to voting No on Prop 1 on April 3rd by signing on with the Anchorage Businesses Against Proposition 1 coalition.

  • 11.17 Design Studio LLC
  • ACDA
  • Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)
  • Anchorage Chamber of Commerce
  • Arctic Choice
  • Arctic Incident Response, LLC
  • Arctic Wire and Rope
  • BDS Architects
  • BP
  • Beartooth Theaterpub & Grill
  • Broken Tooth Brewing
  • Cabin Fever
  • Classic Woman
  • Coordinators Interior Design
  • Dos Manos Gallery
  • Favco
  • Favretto Limited
  • Fire Island Bakery
  • K2 Aviation
  • K2 Dronotics
  • Kitchen Legal, LLC
  • KPB Architects
  • Law Office of Glenn E. Cravez, Inc.
  • LUSH
  • Mad Dog Graphics
  • Medical Park Family Care
  • Moose’s Tooth
  • Mystic Productions Press
  • Ozarks
  • Perkins Coie LLP
  • Portfolio
  • Quilted Raven
  • Rippie World
  • Rising Tide Communications
  • Re/Max
  • Rust Flying Service
  • Second Run LLC
  • Side Street Espresso
  • Snow City Cafe
  • South Restaurant
  • Spenard Roadhouse
  • Stoel Rives LLP
  • The Boardroom
  • The Hoarding Marmot
  • The Sourdough Mercantile
  • The Writer’s Block Bookstore & Cafe
  • Tiny Ptarmigan
  • Two Friends Gallery
  • United Physical Therapy
  • Visit Anchorage
  • Walsh|Sheppard
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wooly Mammoth

Business Leaders Against Proposition 1

Bill Popp
President & CEO / AEDC

AEDC’s Live. Work. Play. initiative is a business-led effort to improve the quality of life in Anchorage, making the city not only a better place to live, but a better climate for business investment. The AEDC Board of Directors has voted to oppose Proposition 1. It is directly contradictory to our values as a community and as businesses we must foster and protect diversity and inclusion in Anchorage.

Bruce Bustamante

The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce believes that passing Proposition 1 would be detrimental to business in the city. Many conferences and potential new business would be lost due to this discriminatory legislation which would convey the message that Anchorage is not a welcoming city. At a time when all businesses are working to stay competitive and keep workers employed, we simply can’t afford such a discriminatory initiative.

Anchorage is a welcoming city with a proud history of diversity and inclusiveness.  Our voters already decided this issue and there's no reason to revisit something that would be a step backward.  Our business is about making guests comfortable -- we would never support an initiative that discriminates against vital members of our community.

As a small business owner, I rely on the strength and diversity of our community to keep my three businesses open and successful. Anything that discriminates against members of our community weakens our vibrancy and threatens our local economy. Making anyone feel unwelcome in Anchorage is not acceptable to me as a business owner, neighbor and community member which is why I strongly oppose Proposition 1

Suzanne Rust
CEO of K2 Aviation and Rust's Flying Service

Tourism and hospitality are the backbone of the Alaska economy - and for me, there’s no doubt that Proposition 1 would cripple these vital industries and forever damage Anchorage’s brand on the national stage.

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