Community Leaders Against Prop 1

Each of the community leaders listed below has publicly spoken out against Proposition 1—the discriminatory ballot initiative that would repeal basic protections for our transgender neighbors and friends in Anchorage. Democrats and Republicans, law enforcement officials, business leaders and key civic voices all agree: Anchorage must vote NO to uphold our municipal non-discrimination law.

Anchorage leaders say NO to discrimination

Andrew Halcro,
former Republican Member of the Alaska Legislature

Proposition 1 is unethical and unnecessary. I find it absolutely insulting.

Mike Stumbaugh,

While backers of Prop. 1 claim they're advocating for public safety, nothing could be further from the truth... And in the 200-plus cities and 18 states with laws nearly identical to Anchorage's non-discrimination law, the results have been the same: Protecting transgender people is not a threat to public safety — here in Anchorage or anywhere else in the country.

Ron McGee,
former Anchorage Police Department Spokesperson

Proposition 1 is about vilifying a group of people who are different.  We all know these people; they are our sons and daughters, the kid who grew up down the street from us, or that young person who just got hired at your work.  I choose to love these people, not make them into outcasts. That’s why I’m voting no against Proposition 1 on April 3.

Paul Honeman,
former Anchorage Police Department officer

I served as an APD Police Officer.  On the Anchorage Assembly, I supported the Equal Rights Ordinance.  If there were public safety problems from the law, I would support changes.  But it is extremely clear that Anchorage has not had safety problems from our equality ordinance.

Bill Evans,
former Anchorage Assemblymember

The Municipality of Anchorage currently has a sensible system of protecting everyone's right to use public facilities in a manner that is protective of individual privacy and that avoids needless government intrusion into intimate daily personal decisions. The best proof of this system is that there have been no problems associated with bathroom use the past two years. Do not abandon this common-sense, realistic and workable approach. VOTE NO ON PROP 1.

Vic Fischer,
delegate to the 1955 Alaska Constitutional Convention

Alaska's constitution is clear in its emphasis on political, civil and religious liberty and on the individual rights of all Alaskans.... If you, as an Alaskan, agree with Alaska's fundamental constitutional principles – please vote "no" on Proposition 1.

Arliss Sturgulewski,
former Republican State Senator

Proposition 1 is one of the most divisive, harmful initiatives I've seen on the ballot in our beloved city....Other cities have passed initiatives like Prop 1, and we have seen the consequence: businesses, tourists, and major events went elsewhere. This spring we have a chance to learn from their mistakes. We'll say loud and clear that although Anchorage is welcoming, we do not welcome discrimination.

Scott Anaya • Owner, Crush Bistro & Bottle Shops
Eleanor Andrews • Former Owner of the Andrews Group
Jane Angvik • Former Anchorage Assembly Member
Michael Ardaiz • Founder & Owner, Mad Dog Graphx
Ellen Arvold • Owner, Second Run
Mark Begich • Former Anchorage Mayor & US Senator
Sen. Tom Begich • State Senator
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz • Anchorage Mayor
Lauren Blanchett • Owner, Classic Woman and Tiny Ptarmigan
Kay Brown • Former State Representative
Vic Carlson • Former Superior Court Judge
Polly Carr • Executive Director, The Alaska Center
Rep. Matt Claman • State Representative
Art Clark • Anchorage Chamber, Legislative Co-Chair
Jessica Cler • Public Affairs Manager, Planned Parenthood
Carol Comeau • Former Superintendent, Anchorage Public Schools
Christopher Constant • Anchorage Assembly Member
Karen Crane • ACLU Board Member
Glenn Cravez • Attorney
Eric Croft • Anchorage Assembly Member
Elizabeth Medicine Crow • Attorney & Alaskan Native Civil Rights Leader
Chad Culley •
Chasen Cunitz • Board Treasurer, ACLU of Alaska
Carol Daniel • Retired Native Rights Attorney
Tom Daniel • Partner, Perkins Coie
Bettye Davis • Anchorage School Board Member, former State Senator
Joshua Decker • Executive Director, ACLU of Alaska
Robert DeLucia •
Rep. Harriet Drummond • State Representative
Forrest Dunbar • Anchorage Assembly Member
Johnny Ellis • Former State Senator
Bill Evans • Attorney & Former Anchorage Assembly Member
Laile Fairburn • Owner of Spenard Roadhouse/Snow City/South
Peggy & Greg Favretto • Business Owners
Vic Fischer • Delagate to Alaska’s 1955 Constitutional Convention
Janis Fleischman • Co-Founder & Owner, Fire Island Bakery
Rona Florio • Realtor
Patrick Flynn • Former Anchorage Assembly Member
Julia Foland •
Hollis French • Former State Senator
Rep. Les Gara • State Representative

Sen. Berta Gardner • State Senator
George Gee • Owner, Side Street Espresso
John Gillis, MD • Physician, Medical Park Family Care
Donna Goldsmith • Board Vice President, ACLU of Alaska
Paul Grant • Attorney
Elvi Gray-Jackson • State Senate Candidate & Former Anchorage Assembly Member
Andrew Halcro • Former Republican Member of the Alaska Legislature
Joelle Hall • Labor Leader
Ernie Hall • Former Assembly Member
Rod Hanock • Owner, Beartooth
Jana Hayenga • Owner, Cabin Fever
Joshua Hemsath • Philanthropy Officer, Pride Foundation
Korie & Justin Hickel • Engaged Citizens
Patti Higgins • Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX
Paul Honeman • Former APD Lieutenant & Former Anchorage Assembly member
Barb Hood •
Helen Howarth • Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese
Nancy Hughes • Owner, Ozarks Furniture
Katherine Jernstrom • Co-Founder & Owner, The Boardroom
Rep. &y Josephson • State Representative
Kamu Kakizaki •
John Kauffman • Partner, Stoel Rives
Dr. Alec Kay • Co-Owner, United Physical Therapy
Heather Kendall-Miller • Attorney
Karen King • CEO, Spawn Ideas
Michael King • Board member, ACLU of Alaska, and Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group
SJ Klein • Owner, Alaska Sprouts
Ana Kokaurova •
Suzanne LaFrance • Anchorage Assembly Member
Karen Larsen • Owner, Creative Space
Kelly Lepley • Freight Pilot
Averil Lerman •
John Letourneau •
John Levy •
Suzanne Little • Fomer State Senator
Rebecca Logan • Mayoral Candidate
Lupe Marroquin • Board Member, ACLU of Alaska
Eric McCallum • Owner, Arctic Wire Rope & Supply
Marcy McDannel • Criminal Defense Lawyer
Kevin McGee • President, Anchorage NAACP

Ron McGee • UAA Professor & Retired Public Affairs Manager for the Anchorage Police Department
Drew Michael • Alaskan Native Artist
Jo & Peter Michalski • Former Business Owners
Lloyd Miller • Attorney
Diane & Mike Moxness •
Rachel Muir • Secretary, ACLU of Alaska
Nicolas Olano • Immigration Attorney
Pete Petersen • Anchorage Assemblymember
Bill Popp • President/CEO, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)
Michael Prozeralik • President, KPB Architects
Phyllis Rhodes • Former Executive Director of Identity, Inc.
Felix Rivera • Anchorage Assembly Member
Elias Rojas • Board President, Alaskans Together For Equality
Beth Rose •
Suzanne Rust • Co-Owner, Rust’s Flying Services
Julie Saupe • President & CEO, Visit Anchorage
Darl Schaff • Owner, Art Services North
Gayle Schuh • Co-Chair of Identity, Inc.
Deb Seaton • Owner, Side Street Espresso
Dan Seiser • President, BDS Architects
Dr. Sheila Selkregg •
Jack Sheppard • President & COO, Walsh Sheppard
Dirk Sisson •
Steve Smith • Owner, LogicNet Alaska, Inc.
Rep. Ivy Spohnholz • State Representative
Shirley Mae Staten • Civil Rights Leader
Margaret Stock • Attorney, Cascadia Cross Border Law Group
Caroline Storm • Owner, 11.17 Design Studio
Trevor Storrs •
Mike Stumbaugh • President, Anchorage Firefighters Union Local 1264
Arliss Sturgulewski • Former State Senator & GOP Candidate for Governor
Sen Tan •
Rep. Geran Tarr • State Representative
Fran Ulmer • Former Lt. Governor
Paul Van Alstine •
Adam Walters • Board Member, ACLU of Alaska
John Weddleton • Anchorage Assembly Member
Sen. Bill Wielechowski • State Senator
Charles Wohlforth • Author/Columnist