Anchorage Education Association Urges No Vote on Prop 1

By March 27, 2018Press Releases

 March 27, 2018
Contact: Kati Ward, Fair Anchorage Campaign Manager, 907-202-6272[email protected]

ANCHORAGE – The Anchorage Education Association, representing thousands of teachers across the city, today announced its opposition to Proposition 1 in Anchorage.

Proposition 1 would repeal portions of Anchorage’s non-discrimination ordinance, removing protections against discrimination for transgender people, including the protections that keep transgender students safe in Anchorage’s public schools.

“The members of the Anchorage Education Association are proud to stand with business and community groups in saying ‘No’ to Proposition 1. Anchorage’s non-discrimination ordinance protects everyone, but it’s particularly important for students we serve every day,” said Tom Klaameyer, President of the Anchorage Education Association. “Our educators will always stand up for students and make sure that they are safe and respected in all Anchorage schools.”

“As educators, we encourage all our students to be their true selves and we celebrate their uniqueness and diversity,” said Shauna Booton, AEA member and public school teacher in Anchorage. “Shouldn’t our students who are transgender be included in that? Proposition 1 would require schools to discriminate against students who are transgender and Anchorage students deserve far better than that!”

The coalition opposing Proposition 1 continues to grow. 50+ businesses joined the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation in urging voters to reject Prop 1, while more than 40 faith leaders have called the initiative “discriminatory and harmful” to transgender people in Anchorage.

“We are so grateful for the support of Anchorage Education Association and its more than 13,000 members,” said Kati Ward, campaign manager for the No on Prop 1 campaign. “Having the support of teachers sends a strong message that Prop 1 is bad for Anchorage and bad for students.”

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