Fair Anchorage Responds AG Jeff Sessions’ and Alaska Family Council Attacks on Transgender Rights

By October 10, 2017Press Releases

Contact: Andrea Zekis, 907-263-2014[email protected]  

Anchorage, AK – Fair Anchorage, a coalition of business, non-profit, labor, and faith organizations, responded today to Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier in the day issuing wide-ranging guidance to the executive branch on the Trump administration’s interpretation of how the government should enforce “religious freedom.”

“Religious freedom is not a right to discriminate,” said Fair Anchorage spokeswoman Andrea Zekis. “If the federal government is going to retreat from protecting the rights of transgender Alaskans, it becomes even more important for the citizens of Anchorage to do it themselves by resoundingly voting “NO” on the Anti-Transgender Prop 1.”

Prop 1 is being spearheaded by the faith-based Alaska Family Council and will appear on Anchorage’s Spring 2018 ballot. It would repeal Anchorage’s non-discrimination law protecting transgender residents from discrimination.

“Prop 1 strips transgender people like me of our rights to participate in public life at the local level in the same way Sessions’ actions today do at the federal level,” Zekis continued. “It is disheartening that some leaders in Washington D.C. and right here in Anchorage, Alaska feel that the only way they can fulfill their own religious values is to trample on the rights of law-abiding transgender Americans. The Fair Anchorage campaign won’t stop pressing the point that transgender people are PEOPLE, just like everyone else. They deserve the same dignity, respect, and freedom from discrimination everyone else does.” 

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