No on Prop 1 Campaign Releases First Radio Ad

By February 27, 2018Press Releases
ANCHORAGE – Fair Anchorage, the No on Prop 1 campaign, today released its first radio ad.
If approved, Prop 1 would remove protections against discrimination for transgender people from Anchorage’s non-discrimination ordinance.
“Voting for the April 3 municipal election starts soon so it’s more important than ever to reach out to voters earlier so that they understand Prop 1,” said Kati Ward, campaign manager for Fair Anchorage. “Prop 1 will hurt our city and send a message that we aren’t a welcoming place to live, work and raise a family.”
For the first time, Anchorage voters will vote by mail in a municipal election. Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters on March 13 and secure drop boxes for ballots will open on the same day.
Here is the transcript:

Anchorage law protects transgender people from discrimination in public spaces.

Because treating everyone fairly is who we are as Alaskans.

But Prop 1 would take away those protections, putting transgender people at risk for harassment and violence, just for using the restroom.

It’s already illegal to enter a restroom to harm someone in Anchorage. All Prop 1 will do is legalize discrimination against transgender people.

Vote no on Prop 1.

Paid for by Fair Anchorage. Top three contributors, FFAA, ACLU, Human Rights Campaign.

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