“Yes on 1” Airs Ad Without Permission From Homeless Shelter

By March 22, 2018Press Releases
Contact: Kati Ward, Fair Anchorage Campaign Manager, 907-202-6272[email protected]fairanchorage.org 

ANCHORAGE – The “Yes on 1” campaign, who is attempting to repeal Anchorage’s two-year-old transgender nondiscrimination law, began airing TV and radio ads this week aiming to paint an incident at Downtown Hope Shelter as a consequence of Anchorage’s nondiscrimination law, but failed to request permission from the shelter before doing so. Charlee Lauree, a spokesperson for the shelter, spoke out against the ad in a recent article stating “What Jim Minnery and Prop 1 did, they did without talking to us.

Lauree added that the shelter will soon release a more in-depth statement.”Proponents of Prop 1 are using their new ad to take advantage of a vulnerable transgender woman seeking refuge at a homeless shelter during a difficult time,” said Kati Ward, Fair Anchorage campaign manager. “Backers of Proposition 1 claim to care about protecting women, but Anchorage’s leading safety advocates agree our nondiscrimination law has led to no rise in public safety concerns. No one was hurt in this incident, and a complaint was filed and is being processed, meaning the law is working exactly as it should. Exploiting a homeless shelter and a transgender woman without their permission in an attempt to deceive voters is cruel and not what we stand for as Alaskans. Anchorage voters value dignity and fairness for everyone, including transgender people, and won’t be fooled by these misleading tactics.”

In the ad, proponents of “Yes on 1” intentionally use incorrect pronouns for the woman, whose legal name is Samantha and who has cited other women’s shelters as her home in legal documents.

Kevin Clarkson, an attorney for the Downtown Hope Center, previously told the Anchorage Daily News that Samantha came to the shelter after it was closed, which is part of the reason she was not admitted. The shelter has since clarified that it follows Anchorage municipal code and has housed transgender women in the past. Alaska Family Action conceded on Facebook on March 8th, “This complaint will likely be dismissed based on what actually transpired.”

Anti-transgender activists’ refusal to ask the homeless shelter for permission to use their likeness ironically contradicts the Family Policy Alliance’s recent “Ask Me First” campaign.

This marks the second time in two weeks that backers of Proposition 1 are gaining negative media coverage for deceptive ads. Last week, “Yes on 1” proponents came under fire for featuring a stranger from the Lower 48 because, as Prop 1 chairman Jim Minnery explained, they could not find a person from Alaska willing to star in an ad on their side.

All of Fair Anchorage’s videos have featured local Anchorage residents and experts, including a father and his transgender son, Anchorage’s leading expert on sexual violence, a Presbyterian minister at a local church, and many more community members that are standing against Proposition 1.

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