Proposition 1 Will Harm My Transgender Son

As a parent, David Lockard will do whatever it takes to protect his children—and that includes voting NO on Proposition 1, which would roll back protections for transgender people like his teenage son Col.

Anchorage Safety Advocate Debunks Myths Behind Proposition 1

Keeley Olson—the executive director of Standing Against Rape (STAR), Anchorage’s leading organization to prevent sexual violence and support survivors—wants to be clear: Sexual violence in Alaska is not a result of Anchorage’s non-discrimination law. We need to support effective methods for reducing violence, not roll back basic protections for transgender people.

Anchorage Women: Don’t Discriminate Against Transgender People in Our Name

Backers of Proposition 1 are using fear to confuse Anchorage voters about what our non-discrimination laws mean for public safety. But women in Anchorage won’t be fooled: “Do not harm transgender people in the name of women.”

Alaska Natives Voting NO on Proposition 1!

“As an Alaska native, I am proud of my ancestors’ history – but throughout that history, we have often been singled out for being different. That’s why I oppose Proposition 1: All people should have equal protection under the law.”

Anchorage Faith Leaders Say NO on Proposition 1!

Anchorage faith leaders believe in treating everyone fairly—including our transgender neighbors, family and friends. That’s why they’re voting NO on Prop 1.

Rev. Matt Schultz: Proposition 1 is “antiethical” to my Faith

Proposition 1 would single out our transgender neighbors and friends for discrimination in Anchorage—and “as people of faith, we can’t accept that,” says Rev. Matt Schultz of First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage. That’s why this faith leader is voting No on Proposition 1

Proposition 1 Won’t Make Anchorage Safer

Law enforcement officials agree: Anchorage’s non-discrimination law has worked for two years without any uptick in public safety concerns. Prop 1 won’t make our city safer.

Proposition 1 Cannot Be Enforced

Proposition 1 would require everyone to show their birth certificate just to use a municipal restroom—and the Anchorage Police Department agrees: There’s no way this discriminatory initiative could be enforced.

Fighting Crime or Monitoring Restrooms?
Proposition 1 Forces Anchorage PD to Choose.

As Anchorage grapples with a rising crime rate, Proposition 1 would force our law enforcement officials to spend resources monitoring restrooms instead of fighting real crime—even though in the two years since Anchorage’s non-discrimination law has been in effect, there has been zero uptick in crime in public restrooms. Proposition 1 won’t make Anchorage safer.

Anchorage: Here’s How to Vote NO on Proposition 1

This year, discrimination is on the ballot in Anchorage. Proposition 1 would repeal basic protections for our transgender neighbors and friends. This year is also Anchorage’s first-ever Vote By Mail Election. Find out how you can cast your NO vote on Prop 1 and help spread the word!

Anchorage Women Say NO on Proposition 1!

Don’t discriminate against transgender people in the name of women.